Dr. Nickel on the Gentle Answer

Muslim polemicists have selectively used Western biblical criticism in an attempt to support the traditional Muslim accusation of biblical falsification. The Gentle Answer responds to the Muslim claims by placing the Bible and the Qur'an on a level scholarly playing field to show that academic questions about the Qur'an are at least as challenging as questions about the Bible.


It builds a case for the reliability of the Bible on the basis of the astonishing discoveries of ancient manuscripts during the past century and expert analysis of the evidence. The book also reviews the growing body of critical research on the Qur'an and the questions it raises about the origins and contents of the Muslim scripture. The final section of The Gentle Answer is a friendly invitation to a free and open faith conversation in a respectful and peaceable environment.

The Gentle Answer is a scholarly response to a claim that many Muslims have been making for more than 1200 years: that the text of the Bible is corrupt and/or falsified. This academic edition adds key terms and expression of the discussions in their scriptural Hebrew, Greek and Arabic scripts.

Well worth your time to get, read, and mull over. Gordon's work is always appreciated and right on the money for sensitive and thinking Christians who believe the gospel of Jesus is more powerful than any ideology or religion.

Jeff Morton


An outstanding book that I will turn to again and again as an essential resource.

David W. Shenk

Latest News


The translation of The Gentle Answer in Bengali has been started by a team of Christians from Muslim background.

A Mandarin translation of The Gentle Answer has been drafted in Southeast Asia and is now in the editing process.

In January Gordon and Gwenyth Nickel visited Sabah Theological Seminary in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia, where Gordon spoke at a one-day symposium on "Christians and the Qur'an."

Through to September 2018, Dr. Nickel is writing a book for HarperCollins titled, Quran with Christian commentary.

October: Masters-level modular course, "The Emergence of Islam," at SAIACS Bangalore, India, taught by Dr. Nickel.

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